Apartment Living Tips for Pet Owners

apartment livingIf you are moving apartments with a pet, or are planning to get a pet when you find a new place, remember that apartment living can be enjoyable for everyone if you keep in mind a few simple tips.

Find an Apartment
Apartments with pet-friendly housing are best.  Find out what kinds of amenities the apartment has for pets.  Is there a play area for dogs?  Is it near a busy street?  Are the apartments large enough for certain breeds?  All of these are important in finding the best apartment living situation for you and your pet.

Know the Rules
Before you get a pet, check that pets are allowed in your apartment complex, and if so, which kinds.  Some apartments prohibit certain breeds of dogs, and others require you to pay a deposit or pay “rent” for your pet.

Pick the Right Pet
Choosing the best pets for apartments can be tricky.  If you live in a 300’ x 300’ apartment, it might not be best to get a large dog, and it won’t have much room to run around and play, which neither fair to you nor the dog.  Sticking to small pets for apartments that have a studio or efficiency layout is smartest.

Keep It Down
Sometimes apartment living with pets can be great for you, the pet-owner, but not so great for your neighbors.  One of the main complaints neighbors have about pets is noise, especially with dogs.  Whether you have a yapping chihuahua, a booming boxer, or a jabbering parakeet, nobody likes a noisy pet.  Train your pet early, so that they respond to commands and keep quiet when necessary.

Pet-Proof Your Apartment
One of the dangers of keeping a pet in the apartment is that he or she may cause damage to the property, causing you to have to pay for repairs and even lose your security deposit.  Use a safety gate if you need to keep a pet in a room while you are away for the safety of both your apartment and your pet.  Keep wires around your TV, electronics, and lamps off of the ground and as out of reach of your pet as possible.

If you’re in the market for a new pet-friendly home, be sure to start your apartment search on ApartmentSearch.com where you can narrow your results to communities that welcome your favorite furry  friends, whether they are cats or dogs.