Brr! Tips for Moving to a New Apartment in the Winter

Group of three friends moving apartments in the winter, one is lifting a couch and one is holding a moving boxYou’re sweating. It’s an abnormally hot summer, and you’re pushing a couch down a flight of stairs, praying that a bucket of water is available to dump on your head once you’re finished. Ideally, summer may seem like a great time to move, but many people don’t realize that winter is actually the underdog in this situation. Sure, it’s chilly, but we’ve got plenty of tips to help you stay warm, dry, and cozy as you reap the benefits of moving apartments in the winter.

Wipe It Down

When it’s snowing out, your boxes and even some of your furniture are bound to get wet. Bring extra towels and supplies to keep your belongings dry, especially if you’ll be stacking boxes outside during part of the move.

Be Salty, For Once

No one likes a salty comment, but a salty road may just save someone from falling on ice. If sidewalks and driveways pose a threat to you or your generous friends who are so graciously helping you move, ask your new apartment complex manager to salt the sidewalks the night before your big move or bring your own bag of sidewalk de-icer. Salty roads make for safe friends!

Protection First

Don’t get hit with a fee from your apartment complex because you damaged the floors while moving in -6℉ degree weather. Put down padding or cardboard to ease the stress of people coming in and out of the cold and onto your carpet or hardwood floors. Plastic tarps will also do the trick!

Don’t Pack Heat

It’s a small thing that people tend to forget: turn off your heat while everyone is moving boxes in or out! Your apartment will keep trying to warm itself up, but without success. A better solution? Stick a small space heater in the bathroom and keep only that room warm. It’s a nice break from the cold. Plus, you’ll save money on your electric bill: jackpot.

Soothing Sips

This is something everyone who’s helping you move will appreciate: make a big batch of hot chocolate or apple cider and keep it in a crockpot for anyone who needs a little warmth in between loads. It’s a nice thing to do and will help keep your own fingers from falling off.

Electronics Need Love Too

A lot of electronic devices are temperature sensitive, so it’s wise to make sure you either double insulate them or store them somewhere other than the moving truck. This is especially true if the moving truck will be spending the night in the parking lot. No one wants to wake up to a frozen flat screen.

“Relax, Don’t Do It”

Frankie said it best. If you’ve got some spare cash, there’s no better time to hire professional movers than for a winter move! Since it’s off season, many are very reasonably priced and have a lot of availability on their calendars. Make sure you take into consideration some of the previous tips mentioned too (pssst…movers love hot beverages)!

While the majority of moves do take place in the summer, winter has it’s perks. One of the largest? Savings! Apartment complexes are in the low months during winter, which means some landlords may be willing to rent apartments at a discounted rate. Moving supplies and services may cost less as well–it’s the law of supply and demand! High demand, high price. Low demand, low price!

Thinking of moving apartments this winter? Get the best deal when you search listings at! Want even more cash in your pocket? Tell your new landlord where you found them (, duh) and you could even receive up to $200 in rewards. Winter, spring, summer or fall, that’s a great way to offset the costs of moving.