5 Signs You Should Sell Everything and Move

Have you ever felt like the universe is telling you you need a fresh start? Many of us get the urge to scrap everything and start over from time to time, but it can be challenging to know if this is just a fleeting feeling or if it’s meant to be.

With that said, there are often a few surefire signs that you should sell everything and move somewhere new. Our team at ApartmentSearch is here to help you make sense of those signs and discover whether there’s a new adventure waiting for you to embark on.

5 Signs You’re Ready to Sell Everything And Make a Move

Maybe you’ve been contemplating downsizing and starting over for a while now, but you’re not quite sure it’s the right thing to do. No need to worry! With this guide, you’ll have a chance to consider five signs it’s time to make a move, and feel confident you’re ready to tackle the new challenges this change will bring.

1. You’re unhappy with your current city

If you’ve lived in the same city or kept a certain lifestyle for years, it’s not uncommon to start craving a significant shift. After all, when we go through our daily commutes and routines without experiencing anything that refreshes us, it’s easy to find ourselves in somewhat of a rut. If you’re unhappy with your surroundings or your current city no longer suits you, it may be a great time for starting over in a new city to bring you the joy and fulfillment you deserve.

2. You have an incredible job opportunity

Landing your dream job is sometimes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it may require a big move to make it happen. Still, few people get to do what they genuinely love, so an incredible offer is often worth the leap. You’ll undoubtedly have to weigh your options and ensure the company (and your potential role there) are the right fit, but if things feel like they’re falling into place, it’s a great reason to trust your gut and really go after what you want.

3. You find yourself wishing for more freedom

When we find ourselves saying, ‘I want to move away and start over,’ many times, this sentiment is rooted in our desire for more freedom. Whether you’ve been living in your childhood home or an apartment with a few roommates, the need for greater independence is a natural part of growing up. If you’ve come to that crossroads in your own life, there’s a strong chance you’re ready to sell your belongings and start fresh in a new space.

4. You want to create new memories

It’s no secret life can throw us some major curveballs, and no matter how well we handle all the twists and turns, occasionally things don’t turn out as we’d hoped. For anyone who’s experienced the loss of a loved one or the heartbreak of a relationship that didn’t last, you know where we live can be a reminder of our pain. If that hurt or heaviness is a burden on your mental health, a move might be precisely what you need to heal and create new, positive memories.

5. You’re making a shift toward minimalism

The shift towards a minimalist aesthetic has gained a lot of traction over the last few years. Essentially, minimalism promotes a clear understanding of what you value most in life and calls for removing anything that distracts from it. This philosophy can be attributed to how we spend our time and how much we own.

If you want to reflect minimalism in your living space, you’ll have to take a look at the furnishings you already own and figure out how you’d like to pare them down. One way to do this is by opting to rent furniture instead of buying it. Renting furniture can not only save you money, but it’ll save you from having to haul or resell large, bulky pieces, later on, should you move into a smaller home in the future.

Get a Fresh Start in a New Place

For one reason or another, you might’ve found yourself wanting to wave goodbye to your old life and usher in a new chapter. But even if all signs are pointing to an impending move, it’s going to take some practical planning to execute everything.

By partnering with ApartmentSearch in your housing hunt, you can hone in on exactly where you’d like to live and how much it’s going to cost. Whenever you’re ready to turn your dreams of starting over into a reality, ApartmentSearch is ready to help you get there!