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Moving DayWe’ve all heard relocation horror stories and, sometimes, we’re even subject to moving maladies of our own. Nevertheless, there’s nothing more satisfying than a successful move. To avoid the moving madness all together, consider a few (or all) of these free apps, and let your smart phone become your moving day command center. The next time you’re making a moving checklist, don’t forget about these helpful tools – you’ll never have to be stressed about a big move again!

Get Prepared

Be prepared for the big day with the free Evernote app available for both Android and iPhone. Use Evernote to take inventory, jot dot quick notes, and even save articles that your find on the web for deferred reading. You can use the app to make actual checklists and because it’s passcode protected, Evernote can be used for safely storing information like an apartment access code or Wi-Fi password.