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Frustrated apartment tenant sitting on floor, with head in handsThere are plenty of things that can go right when you first move into a new apartment. You’ve got a fresh start in a new place and things are looking up! However, with ups come downs, and one of those could be a bad landlord. Though you may not realize it at first, your landlord has a lot of say over what goes, including everything from repairs to living conditions. If you’re unsure of how to approach a landlord that isn’t living up to the lease, learn how to handle the situation and if needed, file an official report.

Girlfriend and boyfriend facing away from each other with backs against a tree, breaking upYou were certain it was true love, straight from a Taylor Swift song. You were right about one thing – it was a nightmare dressed like a daydream. When your romantic relationship unravels there’s a lot to handle, from dividing belongings to changing your Facebook relationship status. One thing that can be the most stress inducing is handling a breakup when you’re both on the lease. Follow these steps to keep your cool, talk to your landlord, and figure out how to handle the lease and your changing living situation.

Woman sitting on floor of her apartment with laptop on stack of cardboard boxes, as she considers moving to a new apartmentLets face it. Right now, some of you despise the apartment you currently live in. In fact, you’re counting down the days until your lease term is up so you make your grand exit. Adding to your frustration, a brand new apartment community just opened up on the other side of town and they’re advertising one month of free rent. Not to mention, you have not had a response to the work order you submitted two days ago asking maintenance to fix the leaky faucet. All of these things add up to your much-celebrated exit from life at your current community. But wait — there might be more to the story than meets the eye. Is the grass going to be greener on the other side of town, or are you off to a new community with the same story as before? Consider these things before you start searching for your next apartment home.

New renter reviewing their apartment lease agreement with pen in handTalk about nerve wracking! Applying for an apartment and reading over the lease or rental agreement can definitely bring beads of sweat to your forehead. Lease agreements are contracts that define tenant-landlord relationships and often use confusing “legalese.” Even the simplest apartment leases can use some pretty uncommon terms and phrases. Do you really know what everything means? It may be good to double check your lease know-how before signing on the dotted line. Here are some quick and easy definitions for common lease terms to help you understand what you’re signing.