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AS_DogAh, the joys of puppy parenthood. Romps in the park, cuddles on the couch, games of fetch… torn-up pillows… piddled-on welcome mats… There are plenty of ups and downs that come with the addition of a furry canine friend to your apartment home. Whether your new friend is a tiny teacup pup or a roly-poly pug, you’ll need to take a few steps so she grows up happy and healthy… and so you can get your security deposit back when you move out!

Puppy with Broken Plant PotIt is a truth universally acknowledged that a puppy left alone in an apartment must be in want of a chew toy. And without one, anything nearby is fair game: chair legs, HDMI cable, new shoes, XBOX 360… you name it, your puppy will see it as a plaything. That’s why preparing an apartment for a puppy is a necessity both for you and for your new pal. Use these tips to keep your puppy safe and your possessions unscathed.

Keep Cables and Cords Out of Reach

Take a look around your apartment from a puppy’s point of view. You may be surprised by the number of cords and cables dangling from sockets and electronics onto the floor. To prep for your pup, situate the cords so they are well out of reach of inquisitive paws and jaws.

Invest in Good Chew Toys…

To keep your dog entertained while you’re away from your apartment (or simply in the other room), buy some toys to keep him occupied. Whether it squishes, squeaks, bounces, or speaks, keeping your puppy entertained is important. This is especially key if your puppy is still teething, which occurs within the first 3-8 weeks of a dog’s life.