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Frustrated driver with hand on her head, in a parking lot hit and run accidentIn most parts of the country, sweater weather is finally here. Starbucks released their new holiday cup, parents are trying to get their children to pose nicely for a holiday card, and neighborhood and apartment complex decoration competitions have begun!

It’s definitely an interesting time of year. While most holiday traditions are fun (or awesomely corny), some aren’t. Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, your car could be vulnerable to a not-so-fun yearly occurrence: a 20% increase in parking lot accidents. With over 1 million parking lot accidents occurring annually, that’s no small number. Happy holidays?

With hoards of people flocking to the mall every day and drivers distracted by Bing Crosby crooning over the radio, your odds of getting caught on the wrong side of someone’s distracted driving increase over the holidays. While a nice driver will leave their contact information on your car’s dash if they hit you in a hurry, not everyone ends up on Santa’s nice list. Although no one wants to fall prey to a hit and run driver, you should be prepared for the possibility. Read on for our guide to handling a hit and run, with top tips we hope you’ll never have to use!

AS_frozenpipesIn colder climes, frozen pipes are a real danger during the winter. When frozen pipes burst, you could be looking at flood damage and ruined possessions. And worse, depending on your renters insurance coverage, you may not be covered for reimbursements and repairs. That’s why renters should be especially vigilant about preventing frozen pipes during the wintertime. After all, the last thing you want is to come home from a winter vacation to a sopping wet apartment.