10 Reasons to Rent Furniture When You’re Under 30

New furniture can be a huge financial burden—not to mention the inconvenience of moving it around from place to place. When you’re under 30, you need a solution that matches your lifestyle. Renting furniture can help you live your best life. This checklist will show you why!

1. You have the freedom to move around as much as you want.

When you buy a place and fill it with purchased furniture, it certainly feels like you’re putting roots down. But by renting your space and renting the furniture that fills it, you’re free to keep chasing adventures and exploring new cities.

2. You can quickly and easily make a temporary space feel like home.

Purchasing furniture can be a lengthy process. You’ve got to save up the money, buy the furniture, wait for it to be delivered, and assemble it. Then, repeat the process for every room in your house.

But when you rent furniture, you can order everything you need, get it delivered (ASAP!), and have it unloaded and assembled for you.

3. You can redecorate as your moods and preferences change!

When renting furniture, you can swap out pieces and sets without losing money or wasting perfectly good furniture. Simply have your old pieces picked up, select your new furniture, and voila! You can change the entire feel and look of your apartment with ease.

4. You won’t feel guilty when you get rid of it.

Getting rid of perfectly good furniture for a fraction of the cost you paid for it can make you feel wasteful and guilty. But you can get rid of your rental furniture whenever a new adventure calls—or whenever you’re ready for a new look—without any guilt. After all, that’s the whole point of renting!

5. You can be spontaneous.

You got a job offer across the country…and they want you to start in two days? Does your friend have a cheap room opening up in their amazing beachfront apartment? You shouldn’t have to say “no” to exciting (and spontaneous) opportunities just because you have furniture to sell. Get your rental furniture picked up, pack your bags, and you’re good to go.

6. It’s better for the environment.

Cheap, temporary furniture might seem like a good idea, until you realize that landfills are filling up with the stuff. Renting furniture helps solve this problem because it encourages recycling high-quality furniture for multiple uses. Plus, you can ditch all that wasteful new furniture packaging. It’s easy for you, and it’s good for the environment—that’s a win-win.

7. You don’t need a lot of money upfront.

Buying furniture is an expensive process. Every new piece of furniture you buy will cost you a pretty penny—and you’ll have to do that for your entire apartment. When you choose to rent furniture instead, you’ll avoid this massive upfront expense completely.

8. You can get nicer pieces than you could otherwise.

When you purchase your furniture, it’s always smart to hunt for a bargain. Unfortunately, that often means getting lower-quality furniture that won’t look as nice or last you as long. If you rent furniture instead, you can get high-quality furniture without wiping out your savings account.

9. You’re free to travel as much as you want.

The concept of taking a cross-country road trip through America or backpacking across Europe sounds incredible, until you consider logistics. How can you pack up and leave for months with an apartment’s worth of furniture to your name? Don’t worry about selling it or storing it—with rental furniture, you can have it picked up when you set off on your journey. And whenever you get back, CORT will be there!

10. The moving process is so much easier.

Moving to a new city can be exhilarating, but the moving process itself is usually not. Don’t worry about disassembling furniture, wrapping it in bubble wrap, lugging it up stairs, and reassembling it later. Rent your furniture and sit back while your rental team delivers, assembles, and arranges it to your liking.

Life could take you anywhere. Let’s face it: you don’t have the time commitment or the money to buy your own furniture. Who knows where you’ll be in the next few years, anyway? Regardless of where you are, you likely won’t want to lug around thousands of pounds of furniture, or pay for storage. Find your perfect apartment on ApartmentSearch, and let CORT take care of the furniture so you can keep doing you!