6 Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

A black couch with a green pillow sits next to a black end table with a black lamp and white shade in front of a green wall.
Home sweet home in an apartment? Of course! Renters don’t have to feel like just because someone else owns the place, they can’t make it their own. Your apartment is where you sleep, relax, entertain and maybe even work, so it should be cozy. Here are a few simple ways to help make your apartment feel like home.


It sounds obvious, but make sure you unpack everything when you move into your new apartment. Boxes stacked in each room are a reminder that the apartment is only temporary, and that won’t help you feel at home. Find a place for your belongings so you’ll know where everything is and will have an easier time keeping your apartment clean.

Hang Artwork

“But I’m just going to have to take it down when I move out,” you might say. And then there’s the matter of having to patch up the holes left by nails… But hanging artwork gives your apartment personality and will no doubt be a huge improvement to those bare, white walls.

Put Up Curtains

Pick out curtains in a color or print that you love. Besides adding privacy, curtains can transform a room by giving it a finished look.

Improve Lighting

Chances are that your apartment came with some not-so-flattering lighting. A fluorescent overhead light in the kitchen, too-bright and outdated track lighting in the living room — these kinds of lights can make an apartment feel sterile. Add some table and floor lamps, or, if your apartment manager allows it, add dimmer switches to existing lights so you can easily adjust them for different situations like watching TV or reading a book.

Paint Walls

You’ll certainly want to check with your landlord about this one before you whip out a can of paint and rollers, but painting your apartment is another way to personalize your space and make it feel like your own. Just remember: Even if you are allowed to paint, you’ll more than likely need to paint it back before you move out. If you aren’t allowed to paint but still want to add color to your walls, consider buying a large canvas to paint or cover with fabric.

Find a Great Apartment

We couldn’t help but add this one. When you find an apartment you love, it’s incredibly easy to make it feel like home. Use our free apartment search tools to find just what you’re looking for.