3 Simple Steps to Achieve Apartment Feng Shui

Apartment master bedroom decorated to follow feng shui practices

Although the Chinese art of Feng Shui can sound daunting or complex, there are many minor ways you can implement feng shui into your college dorm or apartment arrangement. And while the mechanics of enhancing the chi flow of each room can sound like a lot of work, the idea that your mind is reflected in your living space or vice versa is fairly intuitive. After all, molding your apartment into a comfortable and inviting home by decreasing clutter and rearranging furniture certainly sounds like it could also help unclutter your mind.

The word “feng” in Chinese means wind, while “shui” means water – both symbolizing the importance of creating a certain “chi flow” in your home by making sure the flow is uninterrupted by your material possessions. Although accomplishing every aspect of feng shui in your apartment may be difficult because of the lack of space and division between rooms, there are some quick fixes that, according to feng shui, can positively affect your stress levels and even school and work relationships:


  1. Entryway and Front Door: The main or front door is typically called the “mouth of Chi” in feng shui, meaning that it is important to keep a clean and open-spaced entryway free of shoe and clothes clutter – thereby allowing more energy in to nourish your apartment space. Things like positive art, great lighting and vibrant colors are all non-permanent feng shui solutions you can implement even if you’re renting an apartment.
  2. Bedroom and Sleeping Areas: One very important factor in creating good chi flow in feng shui involves a clear distinction between your living and sleeping areas. To boost your feng shui in these areas, make sure that the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before you go to bed is not something negative like a computer or TV or clothes clutter. Use art and cleanliness as sources of inspiring energy in the morning.
  3. Kitchen: In feng shui, the kitchen is considered one of the most important areas of chi. Having your kitchen too close to the front or back door could result in your Chi escaping easily.  A kitchen with good feng shui is typically well-lit, spacious, and clean. Avoiding an overabundance of kitchen gadgets and instead introducing fresh flowers can increase uplifting energy. Lastly, incorporating the color yellow into your kitchen in feng shui is good for your digestion.


The fun in enhancing the feng shui in your dorm or apartment is in creating a living space where your body and mind can feel positive and uncluttered, thereby creating happiness in other areas of your life. Have some small apartment living feng shui tips of your own? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook!




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