Apartment Paint Projects for the Creative Renter

Painting A WallWhether you just rented a new one bedroom apartment or you’re still in the process of searching for the perfect place, you’ve thought of simple ways to make your space unique to your tastes. When it comes to walls, you’re dying to do away with the same old blank and boring standard. You’ve thought about applying wallpaper, but that takes too much time; time you’ll have to put back in to taking that wallpaper down just to get your security deposit back. Adding a fresh coat of paint is always an option, but that takes effort you’d rather not exert for the same thing you had before: walls that are all the same color. Womp womp.

Well renter, rest assured—there are countless DIY paint projects that require minimal effort and deliver maximum result. Here are 5 of those paint projects you can tackle, no matter how incredibly lazy you may be feeling.

1. Accent Wall

If you want to make a statement and save a few bucks in the process, think about painting an accent wall. An accent wall spares you tons of effort because you only have to pick one wall in your space to paint. However, choosing said wall can be tricky; just remember that the point of an accent wall is to draw the eye in. Not all walls are created equal, so find the one you think stands out as is and bring out its inherent beauty with a fresh coat of your favorite shade.

2. Stripes and Chevron

All you need is a few rolls of painters tape if you’re looking for brightly layered chevron shades, slapdash stripes, or simply an accent streak to draw attention to any wall in your apartment. Simply line up your tape using a level for consistency, and get to work on your stripes. If you really want to color outside of the lines, turn your stripes into free-form waves and just go with flow.

3. Typographic Designs

Adding typography to your walls allows you to leave a particularly personal touch. Use a stencil to block out the characters on your walls, or set up a projector so you can paint over the letters. Once the paint dries, your message will stand out until you decide you have something else to say. Then you can simply paint over your old words and block out something new!

4. Chalkboard Wall

Long gone are the days when writing on the walls was a punishable offense with sentences served in a timeout. With chalkboard paint you can write on the walls again and again, turning this effortless paint project into a reusable tool you can use every day. Just get your hands on some chalkboard paint, chalk, and an eraser, and you’ll never have to scramble for a notepad again.

5. Splatter Paint

If you’ve ever admired the work of artist Jackson Pollock, the good news is you have your chance emulate his style. By simply splattering paint on your wall, you can create a fun and artistic look just like the master painter himself. Buy a single shade of paint, or a few corresponding hues, and go to town throwing color on your walls. With just a few flicks of a brush, you can turn your apartment into an art museum.

Have you found a unique way to paint the walls in your apartment? How did you do it and how did it turn out? Let us know by finding ApartmentSearch on Twitter and Facebook!