Beautify Small Apartment Living

A dining area with a wood floors, white walls, a wooden table and runner, leather seating, and a cabinet with a fun light fixture and sconce as well as wall decor.Last week, we finished off our apartment living blog post with some suggestions for furniture arrangement in your small apartment. We advise experimenting on paper with different sketches of how you could potentially arrange each room. And don’t overlook the fact that furniture rearrangement is the perfect time to consider painting your apartment.

Different apartments will have different rules for painting/repainting your unit, so consult a manager at your leasing office before making plans. Most likely, you will have to paint the walls white again before moving out. So as long as you’re planning to stay in your apartment for a while, it’s easily worth the effort to do some painting for a more aesthetically pleasing apartment living situation.

You have a few options, the most popular of which is to choose a neutral color scheme that uses varying shades of the same color with a few bold pops here or there. Or, you can go totally bold to make a great impact. Did you know dark colors hide the corner shadows that tend to highlight the smallness of apartments? Whichever route you decide to take, keep your colors cohesive with each other.

Lighting is a crucial element, no matter what color scheme is at play in your small space. Bring in as much natural light as possible by installing airy curtains and keeping windows open whenever possible. Your apartment will feel more open and bright. In tandem with that, pick up some fresh seasonal flowers to display for a lively touch. If you’re interested, invest in a longer-lasting potted plant like an orchid or cactus, for a continuous infusion of color and life in the unit.

Apartment living doesn’t have to look cramped. Make strategic use of mirrors and other reflective surfaces to give an illusion of more space. Scale back on visual clutter by rotating which collections of small objects you keep on display— kind of like an art gallery.

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