Sales to Brake For: The Best Things to Buy in September

Young woman sipping on beverage, walking her bike with shopping bags swinging from the handlebars, enjoying the transition to fallIt’s appropriate that the weather starts to cool down once September rolls around…because it helps to wear a few different “hats” when you’re on the prowl for the month’s best deals! What kinds of hats, you may be wondering? Find out with this fun list of the best things to buy in September!

Time Traveler

Wearing this hat means you’re ready for bargains on seasonal items you might not use right away, such as:

  • Grills: There’s a reason you don’t see a lot of people grilling in the fall: it’s just not as much fun as grilling during a summer shindig. As stores clear out their inventories, you’ll get a nice discount and be ready to fire things up when spring comes back around!
  • Patio Furniture: There’s nothing like lounging on new patio furniture when it snows. Did that sound ridiculous? We thought so. You know what sounds not so ridiculous? Getting the most out of your apartment life by saving money on those new pieces! September is a great time for that, and it means you’ll be ready for some real outdoor relaxation when the days grow longer and warmer.

Patient Penny-Pincher

Putting on this hat means you’re prepared to wait out select items on your “to-do” list in order to land a deal that works for you.

  • Gadgets: If you’re prone to suffering from gadget envy, September can be a great time to buy. Some back-to-school laptop sales hang around after the academic year begins, but don’t be too patient: they won’t stick around for long. If a new smartphone is the object of your desire, Apple’s iPhone traditionally sees some pretty nice discounts in September when newer models are introduced.
  • Broadway Tickets: September is a great time to catch a Broadway show or two. That’s because it’s considered “off season.” (You can currently get two tickets for the price of one for September 5-18 for this very reason.)

Fitness Fanatic

Did you know? Walking while shopping will help a 35-year-old, 135-pound woman burn 75 calories per hour. In other words, not quite enough to be the next Jillian Michaels. That’s okay, though, because September is a good time to prepare for a couple of exercises that will really get your heart pumping.

  • Bicycles: While it might be too late in the year to get a lot of mileage out of that inexpensive grill you bought, there’s likely still time to get some bike riding in. Because companies roll out their new bikes in the fall (pun unfortunately intended), you’ll find some good deals on perfectly good wheels in September.
  • Ski Equipment: I know what you’re thinking — we’ve been talking about deals spurred by the bygone seasonality of various items. But ski season is fast approaching! How can there be deals now? According to, “Although the new season is on the horizon, ski retailers tend to offer great deals on both current gear and last year’s equipment. While the savings may not be as high as in the dead of summer, it is best to act now before the season hits full swing and prices soar.”

Hold onto your hat(s), because these deals could save you literally hundreds of dollars. Take advantage of your fall-empowered frugality today! Do you know of any September bargains you’d like to share? Visit us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know!