Taking Down the Tree: The Best Way to Pack up Your Holiday Decor

AS_Holiday-DecorationsAs we head toward the end of January, it may be slightly embarrassing to admit that you’ve still got decorations from the holidays decking the halls of your home. If you’re an apartment renter, the prospect of squeezing that artificial tree back into the corner of the coat closet may seem especially daunting. Whether you rent a one-bedroom apartment or a studio, have no fear! Here are 4 space-saving tips for how to pack away the holiday chaos in an orderly fashion.

Tip #1: Use old egg crates to store ornaments

Looking for a quick and easy way to store fragile ornaments? Simply take an old egg carton out of the fridge and place an ornament in each cranny and close the lid! Your ornaments are protected and organized in a snap! It no longer takes professional boxes, bags and tissue paper to store the tree décor.

Tip #2: Use leftover cardboard boxes to wrap up lights tangle-free

There’s nothing worse than having to untangle miles of tree-trimming lights each time you get them out. To keep your lights from getting tangled when you pack them, take a cardboard box (maybe even one from the presents you received) and cut out one of the sides. Make a slit at the top, and one at the bottom to fasten the beginning and end of the lights, and proceed to wrap the cord around the cardboard. No more twisted, tangled lights!

Tip #3 Store items in clear containers

When you’re an apartment renter, it can be a struggle to find exactly what you need in your limited storage spaces. A quick and easy way to find the right item in a hurry is to use clear boxes. This year, when you’re packing up the tinsel, make sure to use clear bins so you can locate exactly what you need when you’re pressed for time and space.

Tip #4 Use garment bags for wrapping paper storage

Instead of cramming your wrapping paper in the corner of the closet, left to be crinkled and smashed, use a clear garment bag to store your wrapping paper upright in the closet. This way your wrapping paper will stay protected and be easily accessible when you’re ready to giftwrap!

Remember, taking down the trimmings when you are renting an apartment doesn’t have to be a hassle. Follow the tips above and you’ll have a plan to stay organized as you put away the holiday décor.


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