Can Any Apartment Be a Furnished Apartment?

You need a furnished apartment, and you need it soon. However, it’s pretty clear that your options are limited. After all, only some apartments come furnished, right? Wrong. Find out how any apartment can be a furnished apartment with CORT!

Furniture When You Need It…

Whether you’re moving somewhere short-term or simply don’t want to purchase or transport heavy furniture, CORT is your solution. With over 156 showrooms across the country, there’s bound to be a CORT near you.

Forget any notion you have of dreary, unwelcoming furnished apartments. With CORT, you can rent your furniture piece by piece! Personalize your apartment so that it’s perfect for you. And if you don’t want to be that hands-on, no worries. A professional with an eye for style can pick your furniture for you with your budget, space, and style in mind.

A prompt, hassle-free delivery is the cherry on top of the rental process. In as few as 48 hours, a CORT delivery team will deliver and assemble all of your furniture, so you don’t have to lift a finger! The days of lugging heavy furniture up and down apartment staircases are officially over.

…And Gone When You Don’t

With CORT, you can select your lease length depending on how long you’ll need your furniture. When your lease is up and you’re good to go, schedule a pick-up. Once again, a CORT team will take it from there! They’ll disassemble and pack up your furniture so you can focus on the important stuff… like your next adventure!

The CORT Advantage

Renting furniture for your apartment is the ideal scenario for anyone relocating short-term: students, work travelers, and military, to name a few! Of course, renting furniture is just as convenient for long-term. With delivery and pick-up teams to manage all the heavy lifting, and the ability to customize the stylish space of your dreams, CORT is a smart, hassle-free decision for many.

Ready to turn your next apartment into a home sweet home with handpicked furniture? Find your perfect apartment on ApartmentSearch, then scroll down to “Need It Furnished” to get an on-the-spot estimate. With ApartmentSearch and CORT on your side, your next move will be a breeze!