How to Decorate Your Furnished Apartment for Fall

Red haired young main reading with cozy white blanket, sitting on orange chairAh, pumpkin spice and everything nice. It’s that time of year! Whether you’re a longtime fall fanatic or you just want to change up your décor for the fall season, now is a wonderful time to add some seasonal decorations to your living space. Check out these renter-friendly, reversible ways you can add fall flair to your furnished apartment and start celebrating the coziness of autumn!

Add a wreath or doormat to your front entrance.

The entryway to your apartment will set the mood before you or your guests even step foot inside, so don’t “leaf” it untouched by your fall spirit! Find a wreath with lots of orange, red, and yellow accents, or add a welcome mat that has leaves or other fall embellishments on it.

Hang garland or wall art.

Can’t put holes in the wall? Not to worry! Find some removable adhesive hooks and picture hangers, then adorn your walls with a fall leaf garland, or even a sign that says something seasonal for autumn. Maybe, “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!”

Switch out throw pillows on your couch or bed.

Fall is a cozy time, and your furnished apartment should be a cozy space this season. Find a few seasonal throw pillows and add them to your couch or bed. While you’re at it, add a soft throw blanket, too. All you need is a warm cup of apple cider and you’re all set for a chilly autumn night!

Add plants and flowers.

Fall is marked by the beautiful colors of changing leaves outside, but why not bring those colors inside your furnished apartment? Fresh flowers can brighten up a dining room or coffee table without taking up much space. For even more fall flair, use everyone’s favorite fall symbol—pumpkins! Fill a vase with small ones, or just place a few next to fresh flowers on a table.

Make it smell like fall!

Decorating your furnished apartment for fall doesn’t have to be limited to only visual things! Surround yourself in the sights AND smells of fall with a scented candle or find a recipe for stovetop potpourri.

Ready to “fall” in love with a new city? Maybe you want to spend next autumn in a completely different locale. Change your scenery and change your life. Go where your life takes you, and find your next furnished apartment on!