Decorating Tips to Make Your Apartment Balcony an Oasis

Big or small, view or no view — your apartment balcony can be a breathtaking refuge. These apartment decorating tips and tricks can help you turn it into a place you want to relax, show off, and entertain!

Get the Right Plants

No getaway is complete without a gorgeous backdrop. Apartment plants are a perfect, and relatively inexpensive, way to set the mood for your apartment balcony escape.

  • Looking for something tropical? Try plants like an areca palm, a double cyas, or a beaucarnea branched.
  • Prefer a backyard feel? Look for smaller flowering plants like hydrangeas, coleus, and petunias. If you can, try your hand at growing some edible plants, such as herbs or veggies, in vertical planters against a wall.
  • Love the desert look? Cactus and succulents are very easy to care for, but still, provide the perfect splash of life and color to your apartment balcony.

Bring Your Seating Vision to Life

Take a little time to consider what the best seating options are for your space. Is it a full table where you and your friends can sit down to eat your famous ribs and burgers at your next balcony BBQ? A cozy bar top table for two? A conversation set where you can stretch out and read a good book as the sun sets? The options are endless. Visualize yourself using that space and make that vision a reality! Even if space is really tight, there are a lot of great balcony seating options out there.

Set the Mood with Lighting

Don’t have much light on your apartment balcony? Try a few of these apartment decorating tips to really give your balcony the wow-factor it deserves:

  • String Lights: Less is more with romantic string lights. Try some Christmas lights or bulbs on a strand. Either way, they’re all lovely at night.
  • Candles: Try different candle holders that will protect your candles from being blown out by the wind. Added bonus: candlelight attracts fewer bugs than stationary lighting and some candles repel mosquitos and other unwanted visitors.
  • Flameless Candles: Worried about the fire hazard of an open flame? There are so many great battery-operated, flameless options out there, including realistic ones that have a moving “flame.”

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