4 Ways to Hang Pictures without Damaging Apartment Walls

Your framed painting of dogs playing poker finally arrived! Will you hang it over the couch, bed, or in the hallway? More importantly, how are you going to hang it without damaging your apartment walls? We’ve got you covered when it comes to apartment decorating tips that won’t leave you searching for putty and paint on move-out day. Try one of these damage-free ways to hang pictures to help make sure you get your security deposit back when you move out.

Damage-Free Ways to Hang Pictures

1. Hang pictures from a tension rod.

This trick is ideal for studio apartments, one-bedrooms, or corner apartments with interesting twists and turns. Instead of nailing holes into the wall for the perfect hanging gallery, try putting up a tension rod in front of a wall and tie your picture frames to the rod. If you’re concerned about the weight, try using a few different tension rods. You can find rods in a range of adjustable sizes, from 5 to 120 inches.

2. Position pictures with painter’s tape or washi tape.

Want to display all of your favorite photos in a way that screams crafty and cool? Try painter’s tape or washi tape. Both are gentle options for painted apartment walls. Either loop painter’s tape into a circle and stick it on the back of an unframed photo, or use patterned washi tape on top of photos to create a whimsical, color-filled wall gallery—like this one from the Design Sponge!

3. Get creative with picture placement!

Who says you have to hang pictures to have them all over your apartment? Embrace the art of “the lean.” In a tall bookshelf, sit a framed photo on the shelf closest to eye level (where you’re supposed to hang artwork) for the easiest art display ever. Or, try propping larger pictures against a permanent fixture like a mantle or row of cabinets. A rustic ladder can even pull double duty as a bit of shabby chic decor and a picture holder.

4. When in doubt, turn to traditional Command Strips.

Command Strips by 3M are also a great choice for hanging pictures, even heavier ones! There are many different sizes and options, including strips that can be used specifically in the bathroom or other humidity-prone areas. Command’s Jumbo Canvas Picture Hanger claims to hold a canvas print or painting of up to 5 pounds. And the Jumbo Universal Picture Hanger? Up to 8 pounds. You can hang almost anything with a Command Strip, just make sure that you read the instructions and remove them carefully when it’s time to move out.

Whatever you do, don’t lose your security deposit! Try these damage-free ways to hang pictures in your apartment, then follow ApartmentSearch on Facebook and Twitter for more great apartment tips and tricks.