How to Change Your Apartment Decor on a Budget

Pumpkins near the door for HalloweenAs the seasons turn, you may look around at your apartment’s decor and decide it’s time for a change. While you may have wanted your apartment to feel sunny and light during the summer months, you might want a cozier, more intimate setting during the fall. Let’s tackle the top five ways to change your apartment’s decor while still staying on budget.

1. DIY some new decor

New decor doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Adding some catch-alls or crafting some new pieces for your home can make your apartment feel more personalized. Bringing some character into any space is a great way to have your apartment’s aesthetic feel brand new.

2. Rearrange the furniture

If you’re in a smaller space like a studio apartment, there might only be one furniture layout that works for you. But that doesn’t mean accessories, like side tables or lamps, have to stay in the same place! By rearranging some of the smaller furniture pieces, your apartment will feel lighter and fresher.

 3. Add plants

Even if gardening isn’t a pastime you enjoy, plants can help refresh a space and offer some pops of color to complement your decor. Plants like the snake plant or even a fiddle leaf fig tree are low-maintenance and a beautiful addition to any home.

 4. Rent new furniture

If you want to push the boundaries of your new decor, consider furniture rental for your apartment to help shake up your home’s look temporarily. Renting furniture is cost-effective and offers you an easy way to dramatically change your apartment without having to invest in expensive new pieces.

 5. Pare down

Coco Chanel advised that the best outfits often require you to remove at least one accessory before leaving the house. The same might be said of your decor. By paring down to your furniture essentials, you may actually find that, with more space, you have the chance to focus on key pieces you truly love instead of the trendy items you may be less enamored with.

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