How to Conquer Your Phobia of Décor Color

neutral apartment Are you a Neutral Nora? An Off-White Oscar? A Beige Benjamin?  Life can be drab for folks who are afraid of adding color to their décor.  If your living room’s look makes you glum, don’t worry.  Use these six ideas to brighten up your apartment life, lose that muted palette, and conquer your fear of color.

More on the Floor

Adding a colorful rug to a room can instantly brighten the space.  Plus, if your room has wood floors that cause everything to echo, a rug can help diffuse the noise.  If you’re not ready for a big rug in the center of a room, opt for a small one under a coffee table or accent chair.  And remember, rugs-on-rugs are okay, so don’t let your wall-to-wall carpeting stop you from adding more to your floor.

Nix the Mellow Pillows

Cushy color?  Why not?  Adding vibrant throw pillows to sofas, armchairs, and beds is a great way to put a dash of plush color in your apartment.  If you’re feeling really inspired, pick a pillow with a pattern.

Shine a Little Light(ing)

You need light in your apartment anyway… why not make it colorful?  Accent lamps on end tables or nightstands are a small way to add personality to a room.  Whether you opt for a bold base or a colorful lampshade is entirely up to you.

Smart Art

Be brave, dear decorator, and add audacious art to your walls!  Find a favorite poster or photo that features a pop of color, and hang it up.  If it’s a smaller frame, prop it up on a coffee table or bookshelf.

Daring Kitchenware

If you have open kitchen shelving or glass-front cabinets, make a point of showcasing your colorful kitchenware.  Whether you have patterned salad bowls, a couple of bright teapots, unusual mugs, or colored glassware, put them front and center so you can admire them.

Bring May Flowers

If you don’t want to commit to colorful furniture or accents, liven up your living with a little foliage.  Place some potted plants around your apartment for some green or floral décor that you can change out as frequently or infrequently as you like.  Just make sure your plants get enough sunlight and water to thrive.


How do you use color in your apartment?  Are you hesitant to use bright hues in your space?  Let us know by finding on Twitter and Facebook.