Love Your Modern Living Room For Less

Redecorating your living room shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! If you are looking to overhaul your living space or recently moved into an entirely new space, keep these modern interior design tips in mind.

Living Room With Patterned Furniture

Play With Patterns

If you’re looking to add something more colorful to your living space, patterns offer a fun way to mix it up. The trick to working with patterns is to stick with the same color scheme. So if your pattern has greens, blues, and grey, have a few solid color furniture pieces to anchor down the space.

Add An Accent wall

Want to add a bold statement to your space? Accent walls can provide that pop of color you’re looking for. With some colors, a little can go a long way. So stick to one or two accent walls for darker colors like burgundy or purple. If you do paint the entire room, use neutral palettes for your furnishings and decorations to keep the color in check.

Living Room With White Furniture

Keep It Light

To help your room feel more whimsical and airy, pick out light neutral colors for furnishings. Lighter colors like cream, ivory and even light grey or beige, can make the space feel more open and less weighed down. If you want to go with white on white, add different textures to prevent a sterile feel.

Cool Down The Colors

By adding shades of blue to your living room, you can create a cool and calm space. Even darker shades such as navy can make the room feel cozy and inviting. Plus, dark shades means you can more easily mask everyday wear and tear.

Living Room With Opposing Furniture

Opposites Attract

Don’t want to try to matching different shades of the same color? Use your elementary school color wheel for inspiration. Like black and white, opposite colors are actually complementary of each other. So if you happen to love that orange couch, round off the intensity it with a few pops of blue.

Mix and Match

If you absolutely love color, don’t be afraid to mix and match it! The secret to combining multiple bold colors or patterns is balancing them with neutral colors. By using whites, blacks, browns, or even light pink as a backdrop, you can ground the room while still playing with color. Additionally, making sure that all the colors are saturated or equally weighted the same throughout helps to keep things less chaotic-feeling.

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