Knowing These 5 Secrets Will Make Your Furnished Apartment Look Amazing

Leather couch with flower throw pillows and fake flowers on coffee tableIt’s time to move and your mind is racing. Who will I hire to move things? What kind of furniture will I buy? Will all the stuff from IKEA fall apart? While all of these things could be on your stress list, they don’t have to be—a furnished apartment solves all of these problems, and more! But if you’ve ever heard myths about them (“They’re impersonal,” “They’re lame!”) we’re here to debunk those, because it couldn’t be further from the truth! Read on to see how to make your new furnished apartment look awesome.

Choose your own apartment. Though some people aren’t aware, it should be no secret: you can choose any apartment that you want and then have it completely furnished with just a few clicks. Just choose a space that feels like home. Need an extra room to pick up that crafting hobby you’ve always dreamed about? What about a walk-in closet for all of those shoes? Want something smaller that gives off a cozy charm? Whichever apartment you choose, the furnishings will only embellish it.

Handpick every piece of furniture and artwork. Just like the apartment that you pick, furniture and artwork are perfect ways to make it your own. Even though you’re getting help with the delivery and installation part, you’re able to choose the exact pieces that you want to go in your new home. Want a gray couch with a black coffee table? Done! What about a piece of art that has the color orange in it? No problem! The combinations are endless.

Carry a theme throughout. Whether it’s a favorite color or the fact that you really like boats, a theme is a perfect way to maintain consistency throughout the entire place. From the doormat to the picture that hangs over your towel rack in the bathroom, choosing a general theme takes the stress out of, “OMG, what color should I pick!?” Pro tip: choose something that will keep your spirits up, like a color that pops, and then pick neutrals to keep the subtlety.

Add your own personal touches. Not all of the stuff in your apartment has to be rented! Once the big stuff is taken care of, add in your own favorite touches. Stack your books in an unconventional way. Use candles to light up the room after sunset. Frame your favorite photos and hang them up all around. Use a plant to add some greenery (and oxygen!) to the apartment. Little touches can have a huge impact overall. There are many cheap ways to personalize a furnished apartment!

Let a professional help. Overwhelmed with the design aspect of things? Let an expert fashion the space for you! Select a furniture rental package from CORT and you’ll get three rooms of furniture that have been handpicked by a professional design team. That way, you can focus on more important things – like what Netflix show to veg out to on your new, spiffy gray couch.

The best secret out of all of these? Find an amazing apartment on ApartmentSearch and turn your apartment into an apartment-HOME with furnishings from CORT!