10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Rent (& Have Delivered) to Furnish Your Apartment

Couple looking at unfurnished apartment, imagining all of the possibilitiesYou’ve just moved into your new place. You’re unpacked, proud of yourself for finally unpacking, and start to think…Do I have a coffee maker? Wow, that wall is really barren. Did I forget toilet paper?! How can I make this place feel more like home? Fear not, forgetful fellow. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to rent nearly anything you could possibly need to furnish your apartment. The best part about it? You can have most things delivered within hours. And if you think we’re just talking about basic couches and boring side tables, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Check out these 10 awesome, unique furnishings and decor pieces you didn’t know you could rent and have delivered to your apartment, below.

1. Rent the forest

Turn your humble abode into a blossoming greenhouse if you want; you can rent everything from trees and plants to flowers and bamboo in vases! Finally, your inner George of the Jungle can reveal himself through your apartment decor.

2. A door that’s actually a mirror

This door may have an identity crisis, but it’s in your best interest because 1. It’ll look really freaking cool in your apartment, and 2. It’s a practical way to check yourself out before you leave the house. Double whammy!

3. Pillow fight ammunition

Never be ill-prepared again when a pillow fight breaks out in full force across your living room. You can rent pillow packs in a variety of colors and themes to match your style AND attack your frenemies.

4. Eye candy

Those walls will be bare no more! Spruce up your space with artwork that doesn’t look like it was a hand-me-down from your grandmother. You can rent all sorts and sizes of artwork, from big pieces to small, modern to abstract.

5. Your NetflixⓇ savior

Your iPad can only hang on for so long before your eyes crave a bigger, better way to watch those crazy episodes of Narcos. Why buy a giant TV that you have to lug around when you could just rent a 65-inch Smart TV and never have to lift a finger? (Except to call or click, of course.) Sounds like the smarter thing to do in this case.

6. Suck it up

Besides the fact that your floors will suffer, who really wants to buy a vacuum cleaner? Then clean the filters, worry about that rotator thingamajig on the bottom sucking up too much hair, order new bags, etc. No way! Luckily for you, you can rent one. Which totally doesn’t suck. And, your house guests will thank you.

7. K-Cups are A-OK

Turn your coffee-making dreams into reality. Always wanted a Keurig but thought it was too expensive? Rent it and save! It’s perfect for those, “Uh oh my paper’s due in a few hours and the coffee shop is closed,” type of situations. But you’re a great student and it would never come to that…right?

8. The whole bathroom sink

Well, ok, not the actual sink, but did you know that you can rent an entire bathroom set? We’re talking everything—towels, a shower curtain, wastebasket, soap dish, a bath rug…even shampoo, conditioner, and TOILET PAPER. Though, these last few things you definitely don’t have to return.

9. Wok and roll in the kitchen

Ever wanted to hone in on your Asian cooking skills but don’t feel like you’ve got the right equipment? This Asian cooking set is just what you need to wok out. Better yet, you can continue using all these puns while you’re cooking, because there’s no better time, right?

10. Step into my office

In need of a place to put your “BOSS” nameplate? Rent this swanky desk with urban edge and you’ll have people calling you “sir” in no time!

In need of apartment furnishings ASAP? Need to rent something that you didn’t find on this list? We can help! Check out CORT.com for more awesome things you can rent, and call 888.360.2678 to see just how fast CORT can furnish your apartment. Seriously—it’s really fast.