Stellar Tips for Organizing Tiny Apartment Closets

Blonde girl sitting on closet floor, surrounded by bright clothes and shoesThere are so many perks to living in an apartment, especially a small one! Less space to clean, no yard work to hassle with, and things always feel cozy. When you have a lot of clothes and knick-knacks, though, small apartment closets pose a big problem. Here are a few organization tips to help you breathe easy in your cozy digs.

  • Go vertical. When there’s no room to expand, stretch taller! Think vertically to maximize storage space. You can purchase chain link rope at a local hardware store to hang shirts, tank tops, and slacks. Utilize the space above a walk-in closet door to hang luggage and oddly shaped items like hats and shoes.
  • Ease tension with tension…rods, that is. Tension rods are a great way to double up storage space without damaging your walls. Hang a rod below an existing rod for shirts and slacks, or in a corner to hang scarves or purses. Place a rod a few inches above the ground for simple shoe storage. Bonus tip: S-hooks are your friend when it comes to hanging accessories, shoes, even tank tops!
  • Changing seasons, changing clothes. Let’s be honest: You don’t wear your favorite snowflake-patterned chunky knit sweater to a Fourth of July barbecue without garnering a few odd stares. Minimize clutter by storing out-of-season clothing under your bed or up high in your closet. Consider vacuum-sealing extra clothes, linens, and pillows. Stick a few silica gel packs in with your sweaters to prevent mold and moisture and keep your clothes smelling as fresh as the day you stored them. Use the changing season as an excuse to go through your closet and toss any damaged or unworn items. Remember, charitable donations are a renter’s best friend come tax time!
  • Add-ons that don’t add clutter. There are tons of closet add-ons that can stretch your creativity and make you want to give thanks to the organization gods. Consider under-shelf storage baskets, shelf dividers, and plastic tubs to organize odds and ends. Removable adhesive hooks are a godsend when it comes to uncluttering jewelry, hats, belts, and ties. Want to step up your fancy game? Rope lighting or small LEDs can seriously enhance your closet feng-shui and create the illusion of a bigger space.

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