5 Simple Things You Can Do to Upgrade Your Apartment Kitchen

AS_KitchenWhen you rent an apartment, you sometimes have to live with a look that’s less-than-perfect. After all, in most cases it’s not like you can tear down walls or make permanent changes to a space you don’t own. This can feel especially limiting in kitchens, where storage can be short and the design pretty plain. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do some things to make your cooking space a happier place to be. Whether you are in a studio, a two-bedroom apartment, or a two-story townhouse, here are 5 simple options.

1. Give ‘em the Hook
Hooks are surprisingly elegant. There’s an endless supply of styles out there, they are small so that fit in many spaces, and they have a lot of uses. Hanging hand towels, potholders, mugs, utensils… even pots and pans are a great way to save space and put the things you need within reach. Hang a few on an open wall, put a few small ones on the underside of a cupboard, or use magnetic hooks on your fridge, and you’ll save some much needed cabinet space.

2. Make a Splash
Sometimes, all it takes to add some personality to your kitchen is bringing in a little color. A DIY removable backsplash can be just the thing. Find a fabric pattern and attach it with wall-friendly liquid starch, or use removable vinyl decals for a faux-tile look. Pick the right look, and it will make your kitchen look customized and cozy.

3. Open Things Up
Often, a simple solution can give your kitchen a facelift and make it more useful. If your kitchen cabinets aren’t exactly what you would have chosen, try taking the cabinet doors off. You’ll have a more open, shelf-like look, and you’ll diminish the cramped visual impact the cabinets have.

4. Lighten the Mood
You can’t cook if you can’t see, and adding some simple, temporary under-cabinet lighting can make a huge difference. From wireless stick-on puck lights to mountable LED lighting strips, there are lots of impermanent options that make your kitchen brighter without adding clutter.

5. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
The most common trick for any interior designer is to add a mirror to a claustrophobic room. Since the kitchen is often the most closed-off part of an apartment, adding a mirror to the wall can make it feel more spacious. This is especially beneficial for galley-style kitchens, but any kitchen can benefit the addition of a little artificial depth.


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