7 Storage Tips For A Small Bathroom  

Bathroom storageYou’d be surprised how small of a space you can cram a shower, toilet and sink into. The good news is, with a little creativity, you can create more storage than you think in your fun-sized bathroom.

  1. Baskets

For items that you take to the sink every day – toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, makeup, comb, or whatever it may be – find a cheap, decorative basket to easily stash your essentials wherever they may fit.

  1. Shelves Up High

Look up! Putting in a simple shelf right above your door frame looks nice and can keep the things you may not need every day, or don’t want out on display. Toiletries, cleaning supplies, your once-a-week items, and maybe a decoration or two can hang out above your door without creating counter space clutter.

  1. Above The Toilet

Even if your bathroom is tiny, you won’t find a sink or shower above your toilet. Install a shelf, or get a decorative container to put on the back of your toilet for some extra storage.

  1. Racks On Racks

Keeping your towels clean and dry should never be a problem in your bathroom. Put a towel rack (or a few) on your door so you always have somewhere to throw them.

  1. Magnets

Metal scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, eyelash curlers, or bobby pins can cleverly be stuck to a magnetic strip on the wall. These items clutter easily, but this storage hack catches them before they fall into a pile.

  1. Hair Dryer Holder

Hanging something to store your hair dryer helps with convenience and space. Whether it’s inside your cabinet or up on the wall, this will be your favorite storage friend.

  1. Containers For Days

When it comes to bathroom items, it seems that keeping like items in different containers is the best method for keeping your space sane. Whether you choose mason jars, cups, pots, or old candles, organizing your things into containers is the best way to go.

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