Proper Apartment Etiquette Makes You a Considerate Neighbor

apartment etiquetteEvery apartment complex seems to have one of them – the noisy and inconsiderate neighbor that doesn’t think their actions affect everyone around them. If that person would just practice proper apartment etiquette like the rest of the tenants; then life would be a lot more pleasant at the complex. Maybe that person has never been taught proper apartment etiquette or maybe they just forgot. Next time you see that person, you can provide them with this little refresher course.

Apartment Etiquette: Noise

Noise is probably the biggest complaint received by management offices. Please remember that you have people all around you and that 11:00 on a Tuesday night is not the best time to be testing out the power of your new subwoofer. Most apartments have “silent hours” listed in the lease or posted on the grounds. Your safest bet is to assume that quiet hours are from about 10:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m.; however you can always ask just to make sure.

Apartment Etiquette: Laundry Room

There is nothing more frustrating than going to do your laundry and finding that all the washers are full even though they have finished washing. All occupants have to do laundry. Respect your neighbors and check on your laundry often and make sure to relocate or remove your clothes immediately upon completion of the washing or drying cycles.

Apartment Etiquette: Common Areas

Just like the name implies, common areas are for everyone to use. Having cookouts and leaving the area and the grill messy or always having so many friends over to the complex pool that nobody else can even enjoy it are not ways to win over your neighbors. If you constantly treat the common areas as if they were your own, your neighbors are going to be counting down the days until you move.

Apartment Etiquette: Pets

If you are a pet owner and you live in an apartment complex, do not expect everyone to love your pet as much as you do. Keep your dog on a leash, control their barking and clean up after your pet. Many apartment complexes offer rewards to people that report bad pet owners. Not to mention, you could find yourself and Fido looking for a new place to live. Pet ownership in an apartment complex is thought of as a privilege, not a right.

*Photo by Christian Fleschhut