3 Steps To Preparing Your Apartment For Holiday Visitors

ApartmentSearch_decorating-christmasIf you’re planning on hosting any friends and family during the holidays this year, it’s likely your apartment will need a little preparation before your guests arrive. The holiday season is a hectic time for most of us, which means things like dusting your apartment may fall to the wayside. Don’t worry though, following these simple steps can help you prepare your apartment for all your loved ones’ visits.


The first step in the preparation process is getting the apartment organized before you start the actual cleaning process. This is especially important for anyone living in a smaller or studio apartment because clutter makes the space seem even smaller. Putting everything in its proper place helps you keep track of everything and get rid of any unsightly clutter that’s piled up for a few months. Plus, organizing gives you the opportunity to take inventory of what else needs to be done before guests arrive.

Deep clean

Although deep cleaning can be a tedious and lengthy process, a thorough cleaning can help put your mind at ease when your guests arrive. Make sure to dust and wipe down all surfaces, along with the usual sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. Leave no surface untouched! This way, you’ll be proud to open your home to others and avoid any off-hand comments about your cleanliness from those more negative relatives.

Fresh linens

Make sure to wash any and all linens in your home a day or two before visitors, even if they haven’t been slept on since the last wash. Not only will the linens be crisp and fresh, but your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Besides the sheets, you should also consider washing throw pillows and blankets for evenings spent enjoying a movie or late-night chats in the living room.

Visits from family and friends over the holidays don’t have to be a headache. Hosting is all about making your guests comfortable and being proud to show your home! Just use these steps to ensure you and your visitors spend a wonderful holiday together. For more tips on apartment life, follow us on Facebook and Twitter or visit our blog.