4 Essential Kitchen Appliances For Your First Apartment  

Household Kitchen AppliancesWhen it comes to living in your first apartment, it’s difficult to know what kitchen items you’ll need right off the bat. Most of us know that kitchen tools like silverware, plates, and can openers are essentials but what about small appliances? Even if your 1-bedroom apartment has a small kitchen, there are a few gadgets that will make your life much easier. When it comes to kitchen appliances, here are our top recommendations:

Countertop Blender

Used right, a blender can be one of the most versatile appliances in an apartment kitchen. You can whip up smoothies, puree vegetables for soups, chop soft ingredients, and even make salsa or whipped cream in a pinch. If you’re really short on space, blenders can act as a stand-in food processor in some cases.

Toaster Oven

While regular toasters are more popular these days, nothing beats an old-fashioned toaster oven. In addition to making toast, you can toast irregular or larger items like bagels, reheat pizza (think crispy crust), and bake small things. Some toaster ovens will double as a microwave too.

Coffee Pot or Electric Tea Kettle

Pretty much any device that will heat water quickly is an essential asset to any apartment kitchen because they are more time and energy efficient than using a stovetop. For college students on a budget, you can also use them for cooking oatmeal and ramen. And if your 1-bedroom apartment doesn’t happen to have a dishwasher, they can make tackling dirty dishes much easier with warm sudsy water.

Hand or Stand Mixer

While you could mix everything by hand, having a mixer will make things that much easier. If you plan on baking a lot in your apartment, it’s pretty much a must-have for cake, cookie, and brownie batters. Hand mixers will cover a lot of jobs, but if you have the space and need the capacity for large amounts, a stand mixer is your best bet.

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