5 Signs You Need a New Roommate

roommate throwing partyWe can all agree that certain roommates make apartment living a little difficult. Having a roommate certainly makes things cheaper and can make bad days less lonely, but the key is to pick a good roommate. Here are some roommate red flags to keep an eye out for:

1. Crumbs. Everywhere.
There are crumbs on the furniture, floor, and all over the countertops. It’s like the world is their personal sandwich station, making it the perfect way to invite unwanted critters into your home.

2. Constantly Crowded Kitchen
That is, crowded with dirty dishes and trash that hasn’t been taken out for weeks. Even though most apartments have dishwashers, not everyone is inclined to use them.

3. Persistent Past Due Bills
There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a warning about your utilities bill being past due after thinking it had been paid the whole time. Financially irresponsible roommates can be a real hassle.

4. Lights On All the Time
Have you ever returned home to find the TV and all the lights on, but no roommate at home? Roommates that treat electricity like it’s free can really run up big utility bills.

5. Loud, Late Nights
It’s the night before your exam and there’s been a steady flow of loud music and friends gallivanting around your apartment. Rude roommates who always invite friends over late into the night and don’t even try to be quiet can take a toll.

While these may not be absolute deal-breakers, they’re issues worth talking to your roommate about. Follow the ApartmentSearch.com blog to see more tips on successfully living with roommates.