Keeping Your Apartment Clean

apartment cleanAn Apartment Cleaning Resolution

Is it time to clean the apartment? It happens to the best of us: we get busy with work and other commitments and before we know it, our apartment is a mess. Dirty dishes stacked in and around the sink, floors covered in dust and pet hair, piles of laundry — left unattended, these things can go from bad to worse fast. And when an apartment is really messy, it may seem hopeless.

But fear not — there is hope! Though it will take time and effort, you can organize and clean your apartment.

Get Mean About Clean

One of the best things to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed by an apartment mess is to figure out a plan of attack. Decide what to clean first. Most likely, you’ll want to first take care of things that are creating bad smells. Take out the garbage (and clean your trash can, if necessary), clean out any rotten or moldy food from the fridge, make sure kitchen sponges aren’t stinky, and if you have pets, clean their areas. Litter boxes, puppy pads and bird cages, for example, can really become a mess if they aren’t given enough attention.

Once you tackle the biggest messes in your apartment, you may feel like the rest will be a cinch. Move onto your next tasks, but plan them out so you can clean efficiently. For example, because dirt falls as you clean, you may want to dust ceiling fans, artwork and tables before you vacuum, and you might want to clean the kitchen and bathroom counters before you mop the floors.

Enjoy Your Clean Apartment

Once you’ve gotten your apartment clean, you can relax and enjoy your home without having any stress about needing to clean weighing on  your shoulders. Having a clean apartment means you’ll be more comfortable, and you won’t have to scramble if guests come over without much notice. We know life can be hectic, but keep in mind that it’s much easier to keep an apartment tidy if you clean more often. Cleaning more often means you won’t have to spend a large chunk of time every so often getting things organized and neat.

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