Apartment Life: Tips for the College Student

apartment livingIf you are heading off to college, setting out to find an apartment is a wonderful first step on the way to a fantastic education. Besides a place to live and study, apartment living can be an amazing experience. Throughout the excitement of getting ready to enjoy your new humble abode, it may also be time to start planning for the fundamentals of living on your own.

Small living quarters typically require a minimalistic approach to help organize and make your apartment feel spacious and comfortable. Purchasing a few items from a store and even canvassing local yard sales will get you just about everything you need to start living like a king or queen.

If you are worried about stocking your first kitchen with cooking utensils, pots, pans and other items, you can still look like a gourmet chef without the restaurant budget. Begin by purchasing the basics. A simple selection of pots and pans — as opposed to expensive thirty-piece sets — will help you cook great meals, save on space and protect your pocket book. When it comes to the bathroom, there are usually great deals to be had at budget stores for designer-looking towels, mats, shower curtains and more. Again, like with the kitchen, it’s best to get only what you need for the bathroom and will use regularly. For example, overstocking on towels and cleaning supplies will leave you with less space and more laundry.

Closet organization is important as well. Keeping clothes, shoes and laundry accessible and in the closet can be easy with the addition of some simple organizing tools. Closet organizers come in all shapes and sizes and will help you easily sort out your clutter. From shelf racks to plastic storage bins, organizing a small closet will also help you easily locate clothing items. With careful organizing, that cramped-looking closet might just turn into your dream walk-in.

For a new college student, apartment life is the next big adventure. And turning small spaces into a beautiful and efficient living area is easy with a bit of preparation. If you’re planning to get your college life off to a great start with a new apartment, our Apartment Moving Center can be your guide to a great experience.