Apartment Living and the Package Predicament

Close Up Of Man Collecting Parcel Delivery Outside DoorThe holiday shopping season is upon us and, for many people, that means jumping on Amazon or countless other shopping sites to order gifts and needed items. This year’s Cyber Monday looks to be the single biggest shopping day in history, far surpassing $90 billion in sales, which means that more packages than ever before will be shipped. This poses an interesting challenge for some apartment residents because where you live could mean drastic changes in how (and if) you receive your package deliveries.

Old School: Door Drop-Off

For many older, established apartment communities, package delivery is an utter nightmare. Some complexes refuse to accept packages for residents altogether, dooming deliveries to be placed in front of apartment doors. This means that they are subject to the elements — and to possible theft. The communities that do accept packages often banish them to a dark closet where they must wait in exile until the resident finally asks about their package and retrieves it. Countless hours will be spent this holiday season dealing with package issues. It’s up to you to determine the final fate of your much-desired parcel.

Making Progress: Digital Notification of Package Delivery

Other apartment communities are trying to evolve their practices and balance them with the uptick in online shopping and shipping. One solution that has been implemented is to provide digital notifications of a package’s arrival. This means that, within a few minutes of the delivery driver’s arrival, residents are sent an email (or even a text) alert that their package is in the office waiting for them. This creates a secure system of tracking the package after it has arrived and helps ensure that you get your package quickly and safely.

New School Security: Package Locker Systems

Newer communities and those that are dealing with package delivery volumes of staggering proportions are spending large amounts of money to install automated package locker systems. Just like the communities that are utilizing digital notifications, they see package delivery acceptance as a vital amenity and part of the resident experience. The delivery driver places the packages into a secure locker which then sends you a code for retrieval. You simply go to the lockers at your convenience, punch in your code, and the door opens up for you to retrieve your package.

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