Apartment Recycling: Green and Easy

A glad bottle, tin can, soda can, glass bottle, and milk jug sit on a green background to illustrate examples of recyclable items.Just like you learned in elementary school, apartment recycling reduces waste, energy and consumption of new raw materials. It minimizes the air pollution associated with incinerating garbage and water pollution from landfilling. And did you know it is actually cheaper for manufacturers to utilize recycled materials such as glass, paper and aluminum in production than to break into fresh supplies of these materials? This classic green practice is still one of the simplest ways to make a beneficial impact on your environment, both outdoors and right inside your apartment.

It’s easy to implement an apartment recycling program in your home whether or not facilities are available on-site. Talk to your roommates and get them involved in creating and implementing this plan. Agree to hang on to paper or plastic bags from the grocery store and use them to collect empty bottles and cans, newspapers and magazines, and other recyclable waste accumulated in your apartment. Organize the contents by material type and store the designated bags in an easily accessed but somewhat hidden location, such as under the kitchen sink. You could also store them on the top shelf of your kitchen pantry or linen closet. Just remember to rinse out those empty food and drink containers first to remove any residue!

A huge immediate benefit of apartment recycling is that it cuts down on waste not only in your neighborhood, city and planet, but also in your apartment home itself. As far as we’re concerned, the fewer trips out to the Dumpster with stinky garbage bags, the better. An increasing number of apartments for rent provide recycling amenities to residents, conveniently located on the curbside and/or nearby your general-use Dumpsters. If the apartment management does not offer this service, do a little research to find the collection facility nearest you. Trade off with roommates to make the weekly trip and drop-off your collections.

Even if you live alone in a small apartment and make only bi-monthly trips out to the recycling bin or facility, know that you are still making a difference because every bit counts. A large and steady supply of recycled products is essential for any local recycling program to be as successful and cost-effective as possible. The more people participating in your apartment complex, the better it is for your community.

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