Celebrate Your Apartment Community This Labor Day

Smiling Blue Collar WorkersOn Monday, September 1, our Nation pauses for a moment to celebrate Labor Day. For most people, this is simply a day off of work. But in all actuality, it is a celebration of the American Worker. It is on this day that we honor the contributions that the U.S. work force has made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. We celebrate the blue collars, the white collars, all of the business professionals, and we celebrate apartments. For it is apartments that house our nation’s workforce.

From part-time college students to hourly workers on an assembly line, and to waiters, waitresses, and bartenders, we honor those professions that call apartments home. And it is not limited to the previously mentioned hard-working hourly jobs. Sales professionals, salaried office staff, and corporate executives choose apartments as their preferred lifestyle as well. In fact, there are 19.3 million apartment homes with approximately 34.6 million apartment residents, comprised of Americans from every walk of life. And the factors for which they choose the apartment lifestyle are as diverse as the people themselves.

In the past, the number one reason people gave for living in apartments was price. This became more significant with the economic downturn that rocked our country eight years ago. People just walked away from their over-inflated mortgages and looked upon apartments as their salvation. But now, price is a secondary reason for looking to multi-family dwellings as the preferred place to live. Location is a huge factor. Why have a house with a costly monthly mortgage further away from your job? Plus, houses cost an arm and a leg to maintain. By choosing an apartment, workers can be closer to work – saving them time and travel expenses – and it gives them the ability to spend more time with their families.

Today, the biggest reason our nation’s workers give for living in apartments is the lifestyle. People want to live close to their friends and have a sense of community. Also, many of the recreational amenities that are available for people who live in apartments are only a dream for those living in houses. Swimming pools, fitness centers, and even movie theaters are available for free at many apartment communities. Amenities such as steam rooms, tanning beds, and high-tech features allow residents of apartments to enjoy the finer things in life.

Thank you to all the workers, skilled laborers, and specialists that make apartments their home. It is through your efforts that many of the things we enjoy in this country are made possible. If you are a worker and are looking for an apartment, let ApartmentSearch do all the hard work for you. ApartmentSearch can help you find a new home that is closer to your job and the things that you and your family love to do. You deserve to enjoy where you live!

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