Cool Tricks to Keep a Top-Floor Apartment Cool in the Summer

Tip #1: Close your blinds.

The sun is pretty hot! When you live on the top floor of your building, nothing stands between you and the heat of the sun—except your blinds. Closing them can reduce the heat (and your A/C bill) by up to 45%, according to Consumer Reports.

Tip #2: Keep your doors open.

Let your apartment breathe naturally. Close the doors to rooms you don’t use, but keep the doors open to rooms that you do. This can create circulation throughout your apartment and carry with it a cooling breeze or draft.

Tip #3: Turn your ceiling fans counter-clockwise.

A fan moving counterclockwise will push cool air down toward you and pull warm air up toward the ceiling. The fast-moving air from the fan can also produce a wind chill effect on your body and make a room feel up to 8% cooler.

Tip #4: Chill out.

Body heat is a contributing factor to the temperature of your apartment. Have you ever noticed that your apartment gets warmer when you have guests over? The first step in cooling your apartment should be cooling yourself!

Here are some easy ways to cool down:

  • Use ice packs on your skin.
  • Wear cooler clothes.
  • Drink ice water.
  • Take a cold shower.
  • Stand in front of a fan.

Tip #5: Make use of the night.

When the sun goes down, the temperature drops. Use this time wisely! Open your windows and let the cool summer night carry you off to sleep.

Tip #6: Set up floor fans.

Stagnant air is your worst enemy when you’re trying to beat the heat. Keep your apartment well-ventilated by setting up multiple floor fans in each room.

Tip #7: Avoid indoor cooking.

Your oven is a major source of heat in your apartment. That’s how it cooks the food! In the summertime, focus less on meals that require stove or oven cooking and opt instead for salads, sandwiches, and outdoor picnics.
If these tricks still leave you sweating it out in your top-floor apartment during the summer, move to an apartment complex with a pool, or one with better A/C! Start looking for a cool place on today.