CORT Services For Apartment Living

an empty apartmentHere at, we know that apartment living and moving come with their share of challenges. Luckily, we’re supported by CORT Furniture, a company that delivers more than great rental and clearance furniture. CORT helps individuals, families and businesses all over the world with major transitions. When you use to help find an apartment in your city (or virtually any city nationwide), you can also take advantage of several CORT services available to help with the logistics of relocation and apartment living.

First and foremost, CORT makes it easy to buy or rent furniture at great values. Choose from thousands of residential items to suit your taste, in styles ranging from classic to modern. Everything from sofas and chairs to lamps and artwork is at your disposal. A furnished apartment will truly feel like home, so make the most of even the most temporary apartment living situations with flexible options for furnishing.

There are a few ways that CORT can help ease the transition of long-distance moves. We recommend area orientation tours to introduce and familiarize you with the new neighborhood and city. Moving to a new area is stressful enough, so take this opportunity to learn where the necessities are located. Find local schools, grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations, among other spots. CORT will get you in touch with a local expert who can provide this informational overview and tour of your new area for a fee. It will save you time and gas money down the line!

Moving apartments can get complicated, with so many little things to take care of in a short time. It’s easy to accidentally let an apartment living task slip through the cracks, such as connecting utilities. You’ll want to make sure you get the best value from your utility providers, but may not have time to research and compare services. We’ve partnered with WhiteFence to provide one of the most powerful online connection services for consumers, allowing you to compare, connect or switch utilities and other essential home services. Imagine the simplicity of ordering everything you need in one place, for free. Find and compare packages from leading companies in more than 40 service categories, from phone and internet to electricity and gas connections.

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