The Digital Revolution For Apartment Renters

Digital Hand Held DevicesIn 1984, Madonna said that she was a “material girl, living in a material world.” If she re-released that song today, we would imagine she’d be singing a new tune, that she’s a “digital girl, living in a high-tech world.” From smartphones to portable tablets to blue-tooth integration, the world as we know it has evolved over the past 30 years to make us almost 100% reliant on the technology around us. The smartphone in your pocket has more computing power that the systems that put a man on the moon. This digital life has become an integral part of our daily lives. Here are some of the ways technology is helping apartment renters get the most out of the apartment communities in which they live:

It Is All About Bars

Because our lives are dominated by our mobile devices, nothing leaves a person feeling more stranded than lack of cell signal. For the millions of people who cannot go more than a few minutes without checking their smartphones, it is ever more important to seek out places where the most cell bars are received. But when it comes to cell strength and cell phone providers, not all apartments are created equal. Not every community sees the same cell strength from every carrier. Even within a specific apartment community, there are often some dead zones. Make sure that you are asking about cell reception and check around the actual apartment you may be leasing to ensure that the signal meets your needs.

It All About Bandwidth Too

In a digital world of streaming movies, social media overload, and instant gratification, it is important that the bandwidth an apartment community offers meets your needs as well. Even with all the technological advances, many communities still offer antiquated connection speeds. Wi-Fi is also a big deal. Many communities have opted to expand the reach of their complimentary Wi-Fi access from just the common areas to the entire community. If you are always online and connected, check with your future community to learn if their bandwidth will be there when you need it.

Apartment Amenities Go High-Tech

Sure, the majority of apartment communities will still talk about their amazing floorplans, giant closets, over-the-top fitness centers and other similar offerings. But the fact remains that most apartment communities within a general area often offer pretty much the same items. However, new trends in high-tech apartment amenities have allowed many to begin to stand out as superior in their marketplaces. Items such as in-apartment Bluetooth surround sound or cell phone-enabled locks are becoming more and more commonplace. Other features such a text alerts for package arrival and digital pet services are also popping up at many apartment communities. As time goes on, more and more apartment communities are providing high-tech offering to keep up with the demands of a high-tech society.

Whatever your digital lifestyle is, there is certainly an apartment community that can be a perfect fit for you. To find it, use the digital tools available at You can search by price, amenities, walkability, and even make sure your new home is a great fit for your pet. And when you let your community staff know that you used ApartmentSearch, we will even give you $200 in rewards. This goes a long way towards finding a nice sofa you can check email from.