Ditch the iPhone Alarm! Here Are 5 Alternatives

man reaching for alarm clockWe do a lot with our iPhones these days. One minute, you’re checking your bank statement while listening to music and the next you’re using FaceTime to say hello to your dad from 1,000 miles away. However, one of the big flaws in Apple technology is the built-in alarm clock. (It can be unreliable, at best.) While this technology will surely improve, several alternatives have become popular in the meantime. Check out some of our favorite tech-savvy ways to wake up.

1. Alarm Clock Nightstand

The first option is an app that’s available on the iTunes store. This app offers an upgraded experience as it allows you to sync with your music library. The most important feature though, is the ability of the app to disregard your phone’s volume setting. If your phone is muted overnight, the alarm will still sound at full volume in the morning.

2. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

The second option is also an App, but with a very different focus. The idea of this app is to monitor your sleep cycle and record that data for future reference. Since it’s monitoring where you are in your sleep cycle, it will wake you up right in-between cycles sometime in the 30 minutes before your set time. Ensuring maximum refreshment, this app may be a more pleasant way to wake up in the morning.

3. Clocky Robotic Alarm

This unique little device is for the people that have the bad habit of just turning the alarm off and going back to bed. With a wheel on either side, this little clock will roll off of the nightstand and run around the room until you chase it down and turn it off. You’ll be awake and ready to go by the time you finally pounce on it.

4. Sfera Alarm Clock

The perfect alarm clock for frequent-snoozers, the Sfera alarm clock hangs from the ceiling of your bedroom. You have to hang it within reachable distance at first, but know that if you do choose to hit the snooze button, the clock will slowly rise toward the ceiling. You need to stand up and pull it all the way back down to stop the alarm.

5. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

If the issue is that you’re simply not able to hear your alarm, the Sonic Bomb is the perfect choice. It’s built like a normal clock, just with the ability to get much, much louder. While this sounds like torture to most users, it could be necessary for those among us who make sleeping a sport.

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