Dogs Love Apartments and Apartments Love Dogs

AS_Dog-CouchThe simple fact is that we are obsessed with our pets. This Valentine’s Day, pet owners are expected to spend at least $30 on their pets and, as Americans, we spent more than $60 billion annually on our furry family members. We share photos of them on social media, we talk to them as if they were our own human children, and apartment renters go out of their way to make sure that they choose the apartment that is right for their pets. It is not a coincidence that the Westminster Dog Show takes place each year around Valentine’s Day and is held in New York City. Even Hollywood is getting in on the action with the upcoming movie, The Secret Life of Pets. For many of us, apartment life has definitely gone to the dogs.

An Apartment for Everyone
It has been touted that there is an apartment out there that is perfect for anyone. When it comes to pets, that adage also holds true. Sure, pet owners that prefer living life with the feline persuasion have an advantage, thanks to the cohabitation tendencies of cats. Dog owners, however, will often obsess over trying to find the best perks for the four legged friends. The apartment industry has noted this and responded in a big way. Newer and greater pet amenities are popping up at apartments across the country. In fact, the National Multi-Family Housing Council reported at the end of last year that 78% of apartments currently had or were installing amenities specifically to benefit pets (mainly dogs). With this level of focus, maybe it is our pets that should be charged with finding our next apartment homes!

What Fluffy Wants, Fluffy Gets
Some of the pets-driven amenities that are popping up defy imagination. In the past, a location close to a park was what may have been most desired by dog owners. But now, many apartment communities have their own “Bark Parks” and “Pooch Play Areas”. Some apartments go as far as to have a dedicated pet concierge to help with dog walking, mid-day feedings, as well as coordinating puppy playdates. Humans visiting the apartment community management office often have coffee bars and cookie stations. At some communities, dogs are able to celebrate “Yappy Hour” with doggie ice cream and custom gourmet treats. All of these things are intended to help pamper a pooch, as well as their human, as part of enjoying the apartment lifestyle.

Sit, Stay, or Fetch a New Apartment
So how far does your current apartment community go to ensure that your dog (or cat) loves living there? If they are coming up short when it comes to celebrating their four-legged residents, then maybe it is time to find a new home for you and your furry companion. The team at is dedicated to helping you find the right apartment for your pet. They can help you narrow your apartment shopping choices by pet friendliness, location, prices, and any other factors that you need. To top it off, ApartmentSearch is the only national apartment locating service that pays you money for using it to help you find your next apartment. Just tell your new community that you found them on, and you will earn up to $200 in rewards. That means a lot of treat for both you and the four-legged love of your life.

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