How to Freeze Your Energy Bill & Reduce Your Heating Costs

Happy couple with mugs of coffee, smiling and cozy in warm apartment“BRRR! It’s cold in here! There must be some Toros in the atmosphere!” Or maybe you just have some old apartment windows? Yes, we’re quoting Bring It On, but it is a fitting description of your drafty apartment. Plus, we’re just excited to share these creative ways you can lower your heating bill this winter without damaging your apartment. So now, bring it on! (The savings, that is).

1. Wear socks.

Seriously, this can be a lifesaver if you’re shivering around your apartment. Did you know that your feet actually have a major impact on your body temperature? They offload heat quickly, which is not ideal when you’re trying to warm up. Put on your thickest pair of socks and you’ll feel much more comfortable!

2. Minimize heat loss.

If you’re blasting your heater but not reaping the benefits, heat may be escaping. There are two main escape routes for this warm air: your windows and doors. Luckily, it’s not difficult to fix this! You can insulate your windows with cheap rubber sealing or insulation film, which you can find at any home improvement store. Purchase adhesive weather stripping for your door, or save some cash by rolling up a towel and sticking it at the bottom. Voila!

3. Buy a space heater.

A space heater can help lower your heating costs if used wisely. If you heat your entire apartment and use your space heater too, you won’t save money. In fact, you’ll ramp up your electricity bills. However, if you’re brave enough to turn the heat down in your apartment and only use the space heater in the room you’re in, you can indeed save money. This might be a good option if you’re spending all of your time in one room of your apartment.

4. Embrace the sunlight.

There is a reason your pets like laying in the sunbeams that come into your apartment. The sun is the ultimate heating system (and also a great way to beat the winter blues)! When it’s sunny outside, open your curtains and let that sunshine in. When the sun goes back down, shut your curtains to trap the heat inside.

5. Invest in some decorative insulation.

You can warm up a drafty apartment by simply decorating strategically. Lay down rugs to prevent drafts from coming up through floorboards and to pamper your toesies. Tapestries on the wall can act as insulation while adding color and interest to your walls. Curtains over your windows can help to prevent drafts. Finally, load up on soft, warm blankets!

6. Turn your fan on low, clockwise.

Turns out ceiling fans aren’t just for the summertime. In fact, your ceiling fan can come in handy during the winter by pushing warm air down, to you! Just make sure it’s running clockwise and keep it on its lowest setting.

7. Don’t block the heat.

Your heater can’t get warm air to you effectively and efficiently if there are roadblocks. Make sure the hot air has a clear path into the room! In other words, don’t place your dresser right in front of the heater, and don’t push a couch or armchair over your vents. The easier it is for heat to get to you and fill your space, the better.

If you’ve put on a pair of socks (or two), invested in plenty of blankets, sealed all your windows, and you’re still cold, it might be time to find a new apartment. Upgrade to a better-insulated space or relocate to a warmer climate – don’t let the winter “brrs” make you feel blue! ApartmentSearch is here to help you find new, recently listed apartments in your area or beyond.