Would You Pay Higher Rent for More Smart Home Features?

Covered parking spots or a swimming pool? A gym or a dog park? Keyless entry or a smart thermostat? A recent study shows that more and more residents are willing to increase their monthly rent payments to have more technology in their apartments. Find out what amenities renters are shelling out big bucks for, and how you can find an apartment with all the smart features you want.

E-Payments Over Pools

Which feature of a new apartment would most residents prefer: a swimming pool or the ability to make e-payments? If you said “a swimming pool” … think again! Turns out respondents value electronic payments (and living in a secure, smart community) more than a pool or even covered parking.

Top Tech

Respondents said they’d shell out more each month for these top amenities:

  1. A basic technology package including high-speed internet and/or cable TV
  2. In-home laundry services
  3. Online rent e-payments
  4. Secure access
  5. A gym/fitness center
  6. Smart home features like keyless entry and a smart thermostat

Security Sought

Peace of mind is a big deal. Residents place the most value on:

  • Security cameras on the door or ceiling
  • Keyless entry with special codes for guests
  • A security alarm system

The Price is Right

Just how interested in smart apartments are these people? 75% are willing to pay more for a place that features their top three smart home amenities. More than half of residents are willing to increase their monthly rent by at least $20!

Tomorrow’s Tech

So, what will smart home tech look like next year? Will the internet of things (IoT) integrate more fully into our kitchens? A fridge that tells the local grocer you’re out of milk? Plates that count your calories for you? Will artificial intelligence replace your property manager? (Don’t laugh: it could happen sooner than you think!) Check out these other amenity trends we might see in 2019.

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