How Close Should My Next Apartment Be To…

Girl enjoying a cup of tea in her apartment, looking through window and taking in the viewIt’s just over there. It is a stone’s throw away. You can get there in a hop, skip, and a jump. No matter how you say it, it pays to be close to the things that you love. When it comes to a place to live, that includes grocery stores, entertainment, and —for people with children —daycare. But how do you really define how close something is? “Close” for one person may be “far” for another. Is time the most important factor, or is it proximity? Going five blocks in city traffic could take you 45 minutes. So how far is too far and how far is just right?

Picking Your Apartment Location

For those of us who call apartments home, closeness can even be an amenity. Apartments are often constructed near the heart of a city, where activity is constant. There is a certain value to not having to travel far to get to your bank, school, grocery store or favorite coffee shop. And we’ve all lived in a place where we wished some other place was closer. Closer to the office means a shorter commute. Closer to the park means more fun with a furry companion. So just how close do you want to be?

Think About Walkability & Transportation

Walkscore® is a grade given to an apartment community. It indicates how close things may be to a specific community or city, things like grocery stores, parks, shops, coffee, restaurants, etc. The higher the number, the more likely it is that you can walk to most activities and places. For people seeking apartments in an urban core, Walkscore® is a vital indicator and an amenity you should consider when determining which apartment to call home. For some, coffee and walkability are essential to apartment living!

If you will be using mass transit as your primary means of transportation, also look to see what is along the lines you will be traveling. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be making your way via bus, train, or even Uber–what’s important is that you can maximize your time by ensuring that the on/off locations are close to the things you seek. Your smartphone’s maps app is perfect for searching out these important places.

Ask the Experts for Advice

But, for people looking for an apartment in the suburbs, Walkscore® is less of an indicator. Having to drive to the things you want to do is simply part of living in many suburbs. When you start the search for your apartment, ask yourself, “What are the things I want to be close to?” Be sure to ask your leasing agent how far away those things will be from your front door. They are experts in the surrounding areas and can be your guide. In addition, when you tour the community prior to signing your lease, do a quick search on your smartphone. If Chinese takeout is an important part of your life, make sure to search for top-rated Chinese takeout “near me,” while you’re on the property.

Search Apartments Close To…Everything!

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