How to Make Room for Baby in a One-Bedroom Apartment

Do you have a baby on the way? Congratulations! As a new parent, you’ve got a world of worries on your plate, and a to-do list a mile long. Take this one off your list. We’ll show you how to make room for a little one in even the littlest of one-bedroom apartments.

Declutter, declutter, declutter.

Before you even start buying items for baby, you’ll want to clear out as much as you possibly can. The more you can get rid of, the more space you’ll have for baby necessities.

Clear out that shelf full of old CDs you never listen to and books you never read, and donate any and all clothes you rarely wear. You may even need to ditch some of the nonfunctional décor pieces you have around the apartment. It can be hard to get rid of belongings, but it’ll be worth it once you start bringing in baby items.

Focus on what you truly need for the baby.

If this is your first baby, you’re probably overwhelmed with shopping lists and recommendations. Just walking into a baby store can trick you into thinking you need a warehouse full of items for your little one.

Before you go crazy buying and registering for everything you see, really consider what is a necessity and what will simply take up space in your apartment.

For example, a baby needs a crib or a bassinet, but they don’t need a swing. Consider getting a changing pad, rather than a huge changing table. Instead of a high chair, opt for a small seat that hooks onto a table or countertop. Resist the urge to buy a million toys or that massive box of diapers from Costco. Always ask yourself, “Is this item a true necessity for a baby?”

Utilize every square inch.

Anyone who’s ever built a study out of a corner will tell you that, in a one-bedroom apartment, every inch counts. That empty nook in the bathroom could hold a tall organizer for spare towels and bath toys. The closet door is just begging for a hanging shoe rack. Space under your bed? That’s the perfect place to store out-of-season clothes. Swap out your decorative side tables for functional storage units. You do not want to waste any space in your apartment once there is a baby on board.

Draw inspiration from other one-bedroom parents.

You’re not the first person to bring a baby into a small space, and you will be amazed at the inventive ways other parents have incorporated their little ones into their homes.

Browse Pinterest using key phrases like “nursery nook in bedroom,” “nursery organization ideas,” or even “tiny house nursery ideas” to see how other parents have made it work! There is no shortage of tips online, and they’ll help you think outside the box.

Remind friends and family that it’s all about minimalism.

Once you announce you’re expecting, you’ll be bombarded with gifts from well-meaning loved ones. While the gesture is sweet, it can also result in a ton of clutter for expecting parents.

When anyone asks if you have a registry or mentions purchasing something for the baby, make sure to remind them that you live in a small space and are trying a “minimalistic” approach. While you’ll inevitably end up with a few extra items, most people will keep your living situation in mind and work hard to stick to the necessities—like cash.

Embrace all things with “mini,” “collapsible,” and “travel” in their names.

These items will be your best friends. Did you know that mini cribs are a thing? While they can’t convert into a toddler bed, they’re cheaper than standard cribs, and they’ll fit much more easily into your bedroom. Items like collapsible bathtubs and walkers can be easily tucked away when not in use. Typically, “travel” items are smaller, lighter, and more collapsible than standard items—and work just as well! The fewer clunky baby items you have taking up space, the better.

Even with the most careful planning and meticulous organization, sometimes making room for baby in a one-bedroom apartment is penny wise but pound foolish. Don’t cry! Figure out what size apartment you need and browse apartments offering all the room you want, on ApartmentSearch.