How to Not Be Scared Living Alone

Young Woman Under BlanketAh, the joys of living alone. Want pancakes and bacon at 2 AM? Get cookin’—you won’t wake anybody up! No need to call “dibs” on the remote—it’s always yours! Get the pet that you want, entertain guests when you want, and sing your favorite show tunes at the top of your lungs. But once the novelty wears off, living by yourself can actually be a little nerve-wracking. What if there’s an emergency and no one around to help?

Whether you have an overactive imagination or you just want to be prepared in case of a crisis, here are 5 ways to not be scared if you live alone.

Do an Apartment Security Survey

First things first: get all your apartment security fears out of the way. Check the locks and seals on your doors and windows. Make sure your smoke detector has fresh batteries,and then test it. Everything should be in good working order. If it’s not, contact your apartment maintenance team. Safety issues are a number one priority for apartment management, so you should get a quick response. Want to get really upgrade your apartment security? Check out more of our apartment security tips.

Make Friends With Your Neighbors!

Be a good neighbor to those around you (and not just because it’s nice to be on good terms with the people you may meet in the laundry room). Whether you need a cup of sugar or an extra flashlight if the power goes out at night, you’ll be happy to have a helping hand nearby.

Visiting Friend or Unwelcome Foe? Find Out!

Hear a knock at the door? Even if you’re expecting guests, always check the peephole or ask who’s there before opening the door. (If nothing else, it will save you some unwanted visits from your neighborhood flier-distributors.)

Chill Out

If you’re prone to paranoia after dark, living alone is an exercise in putting mind over matter. Every gust of wind is a poltergeist and every bump in the night is a burglar. Before bed, listen to relaxing music, do some deep breathing, and stay away from watching anything directed by Rob Zombie.

Put Together an Emergency Kit

Any apartment-dweller would do well to have this kind of kit, but those living alone will feel extra safe having all the essentials on hand. Check out our emergency supply kit list to get started.


What Are Your Top Tips?

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