Mad Hatter Day Arrives to Apartments Everywhere

large potholeWe live in a crazy world. In one moment you say to yourself “Now I have seen it all” only to find something even more bizarre and baffling a few minutes later. It happens all around us and the growth of social media has allowed us to share and be exposed to more and more of these unusual events each and every day. The result is one part bewilderment, one part inspirational, and two parts hilarity. In celebration of the nonsense and silliness, today is Mad Hatter Day (which also marks the half-way point to April Fools’ Day).

Apartment residents are on the front lines of witnessing and experiencing these notable happenings. In fact, it is one of the great perks of apartment living that you could see or experience something new every day. The best way to describe it is that apartment living equals fun. So here to celebrate are 5 examples of the funny things you might see at your next apartment community.


Be careful of the pothole on the drive outbig pothole

Gone Fishing!fishing for man in big puddle

Proof that the dogs are taking overdoggie bag sign

Some apartments are becoming way to high-tech404 apartment sign

Swim at your own risk pool sign

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