Making the Most of a Small Apartment

small apartmentsLiving in a small apartment can be a necessity and a choice.  Obviously, bigger living spaces tend to cost more than smaller ones, so having a small apartment can make financial sense.  It’s also a great way to minimize on cleaning time and energy spent decorating.  After all, that awkward extra room won’t be awkward if you don’t even have it to begin with.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, small apartments are just that—small.  Just because you happen to live in close quarters, however, doesn’t mean you need to cramp your style.  Since our goal around here is to be as helpful as possible, here are some handy tips and ideas to help you make the most of your small apartment.

Plan Ahead

Coming up with a plan of attack for furnishing, organizing, and decorating your apartment will help you focus on the essentials.  This means you won’t be faced with having an incoherent jumble of clashing, redundant furniture.  Having no plan is never a good idea, but in a small apartment, every misstep is magnified.  However, with a well-thought-out set of ideas to govern your residence, you’ll be able to avoid this issue.

Compartmentalize Your Space

A major key to giving the feel of more space is by compartmentalizing and organizing.  If you’re living in a studio apartment, buy a divider to separate your sleeping area from the main portion.  Grouping belongings into as few areas as possible increases floor space, which gives the illusion of a larger place.  Thinking vertically by incorporating as much tall wall storage as possible also helps.

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