More CORT Services For Apartment Living

A brick apartment complex with a small yard and green shrubbery.We like being able to make apartment living the best it can be. This week, we want to spread the word about additional services provided by our parent company, CORT Furniture. These services are available for any user to add on, and are ideal for those undergoing a major transition in moving apartments. Perhaps you’re moving to a big city with your family, or are relocating to a different state for your company. CORT can help by providing housing tours, settling-in services and family assistance.

In tandem with our apartment locating service here at, CORT services can provide full-day or half-day tours of apartment homes in your area. Finding the right place to live is stressful, particularly in an unfamiliar town. When you want additional guidance, turn to our certified local experts for housing tours to find an apartment. They will personally provide transportation to view various communities that match your needs. Prior to your arrival, we’ll search the market for availability to make things as efficient and productive as possible. Ensure that your apartment living situation will be ideal for you.

When it comes to relocating, the to-do list of all those little things to take care of seems never-ending. That’s why CORT offers settling-in services (on a fee basis)— so you can check items off the list. They’ll help with details like setting up new bank accounts, getting a new driver’s license and vehicle registration, and arranging care for children, elderly and pets in your family. Our local knowledge and resources can smooth your transition into apartment living in a new area. We want to simplify the process of moving apartments.

Speaking of family, things can get complicated during a big move. While one family member may be starting an exciting new job or promotion, their partner may be unsure of his or her role in the new community. Making friends and finding a new job can be tough challenges to pursue while others in the family are busy with work or school. CORT offers family assistance services and partner support to deal with these issues. One of our agents can work with you to customize a menu of services.

For basic moves, just count on to help you locate Dallas apartmentsPhoenix apartmentsAustin apartments, Seattle apartments or your perfect place in nearly any city nationwide.