More Tips For Small Apartment Living

A small apartment kitchen with yellow patterned wall paper, a small range top, and limited counter space.We’re back this week with even more great tips for apartment living in small units. Even if you’ve been living in small apartments for years and are sure you’re a pro at managing organization, cleaning and furniture arrangement, read on. You may learn something new out of all these these great ideas we curated from our favorite blogs, like Re-Nest.

Try adopting a strategy of “one in, one out.” This means considering every new item you buy (from clothes and shoes to food items) as a replacement for something you already have. Get rid of the old version by donating, selling or tossing it. On that note, when you finish reading a book, swap it at your local used book store.

In small apartments, try to keep the size of individual possessions small, too. Buy small appliances and kitchen wares like pots and pans, and use a pot rack to keep things organized. Think about how multi-functional furniture and accessories will help maximize space, as well. For example, buy storage ottomans and a bed with drawers built in underneath. Or loft your bed so you can fit a desk or other furniture below it. Just getting your bed a little off the ground (no more box spring on the floor, people) is beneficial for storage purposes. As an apartment living rule, anything you don’t use on a daily basis should be stored somewhere, so you’ll need as many options as you can get.

When it comes to furniture arrangement, play with the different options by sketching them out on paper before you launch into the labor of moving heavy things around. If you never put much thought into how things should be arranged in your space, it’s not too late to make a refreshing change. Remember, don’t neglect the precious space that corners provide. This is also the perfect opportunity to paint and/or buy new furniture. But more about that next week on the apartment living blog.

For now, we’ll sign off with a reminder that is the best place to start before moving apartments, whether you seek a big or small unit. Find Dallas apartmentsPhoenix apartmentsAustin apartmentsSeattle apartments, and many more in our huge database.