Moving Apartments Abroad: Why Furniture Rental Could Make It Easier

exterior of apartment abroadMoving apartments is hard enough without the added stress of furnishing your new space. And that becomes even more complicated when you’re moving internationally! After all, you’ve got the prospect of choosing an apartment, coordinating with management for lease types and terms, and getting renters insurance. Add the fact that you’re hundreds (or even thousands) of miles away from your destination, and you’ve got the potential for a massive moving headache.

So what’s a renter headed abroad to do? When it comes to furnishing your space, furniture rental can simplify matters. Whether you’re temporarily relocating for work, changing stations as a military service member, or simply moving to a new country with your family, it’s a way to make the transition a little easier.

So how do you approach the option of international furniture rental? Here are the two things you should know before starting your search.

Know What You Need

First, consider what you need from your furniture rental. Start by assessing the space in your future apartment, determining how much square footage you will have, and what items you’ll need. Should you go with a complete home package, or stick to renting by room?

Next choose the style of your furniture. Just because you’re opting for temporary furnishings doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice personal taste. Pick the furnishing style that most suits you.

Last, think about what you’ll need from your furniture rental company. In an ideal partnership, having a single point of contact and flexible rental terms make for a positive renting experience. Likewise, having assistance with transportation and setup are especially helpful during a move abroad.

Know What You’ll Get

With a partner like the CORT Global Network, international furniture rental has multiple advantages. With CORT, you have rental package options that range from whole-home to single-room, each with flexible leasing terms.

You’ll also be able to pick from multiple furniture styles, so you can feel right at home the moment you step into your new apartment.

Best of all, you get to skip the potentially convoluted and expensive process of getting furniture shipped from multiple retail outlets. Not only will all your furniture needs be taken care of at once, but you can also coordinate its arrival through one person, and even have your furnishings delivered and set up within 48 hours.

The result? More time to focus on the rest of your international move, and one more thing you can check off your to-do list!